Governance & Board Development

Governance issues can hold back even the best run organisations.

Efesai’s team includes people with many years of experience as Board members within commercial, cultural and non-profit organisations, and in several countries and a variety of sectors. We help organisations to get a clear view of the status quo and to define the way forward.

Reliable sparring partner

Board members and Directors will find us an experienced, honest and constructive sparring partner.

Efesai’s involvement will lead to a board which is more effective in every aspect:

  • Good Governance: review, coaching and policy development on ethics, decision-making processes, autonomy vs. control and impact management.
  • Representative boards: review, coaching and development of inclusive, diverse, communicative and strong.
  • Skills audit to ensure the Board has all necessary experience, including digital, political, fundraising, financial, legal etc.
  • Board training on theory of change, impact and sustainable income generation
  • Individual board member and director coaching and mentoring.
  • Board and committee job descriptions and recruitment.
  • Advice on board networks and board engagement.

Please feel free to contact us, let’s start the conversation!