Digital Strategy

Efesai supports cultural and social organisations to develop a solid digital strategy. Digital technologies are profoundly changing our daily life, our way of working, the way people communicate and relate with each other. It is no longer possible to think of digital as a separate department or activity in your work.

Together with our senior associate, Arthur Steiner and our partners we provide a digital strategy tailored to the needs of the cultural sector. It is almost impossible to consider an engagement with a visitor, donor, client, supplier, supporter, partner, customer – in fact every person or organisation you deal with – without the digital being part of the ‘customer journey’. If strategy and planning does not include digital at the heart, it is designed to fail.

Our Digital Strategy helps you to navigate and use different emerging technologies that can help you to deliver your mission. Strategy can include digital engagement, fundraising and analytics.

Some Benefits of a Digital strategy

  • Cost saving
  • Income generation
  • Extending reach
  • Wider and deeper engagement
  • Interactivity

Do you want to develop your organisations’ digital strategy or want to find out more? Please feel free to contact us.