Without a roadmap you are likely to head in the wrong direction, missing opportunities and falling into avoidable problems.

efesai helps you to develop a clear strategy by reviewing your past activities, engaging your people and partners, and surveying the current and future landscape. The result will be a clear route forward, complete with risk analysis, to help you deal with the unexpected.

Tailor made strategy

At the end of this journey, you will receive a tailor-made strategy report, describing in detail what we discovered on the way. We work in partnership with you, taking the time to discuss each stage in the process. You are in the driver’s seat, but we will suggest new routes. Our thinking is always multi-dimensional, and we look at long-term as well as short-term impact and income.

Experts on impact & income strategies

You can contact us to get a better view and strategic advice, training or information on:

We firmly believe one size does not fit all, so let’s discuss how we can collaborate in your specific case. Please feel free to contact us, to find out more easily.