Online seminars: actions the cultural sector must take to flourish in the longer-term

This Autumn, efesai is hosting a series of six online seminars with international speakers about what the cultural sector must do right now to flourish in a world which has been changed by COVID-19. We start with fundamental issues of mission and value and move on to strategic business planning, funding, diversity and community engagement.

In retrospect, we will see that 2020 is an existential shock for the sector – it will never return to how it was in January. COVID has highlighted and accelerated radical changes in technology, society, funding and community engagement which were already in sight.

To take advantage of these changes, rather than let them overwhelm us, we must look outside our comfortable bubbles for inspiration. efesai has invited unexpected speakers from the Netherlands and other countries to share their insights.

Each seminar lasts 90 minutes and participation costs €10 per seminar. Questions we will cover include:

  • How do you identify the essence of your work?
  • How can you find out what others think is important about you?
  • How can you be tough with yourselves to let go of excess baggage you have accumulated over the years?
  • How can you make changes in your organisations without pulling yourselves to pieces?
  • Where can we find new finances?
  • How will local government (gemeenten) change their funding as a result of economic, digital and societal changes?
  • How do you engage with your communities?

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