Imagining the New World

Technology and society are changing fast and the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated those changes to warp speed. We have suddenly been teleported to a new world and the old ways of thinking and acting are of limited value. Leaders now must focus on the key questions: ‘what is our core mission’ and ‘what is our value’?

The organisations which prosper will all share the same characteristics:

  • A clear vision of their new future
  • No sentimentality about the past
  • A realistic plan to make necessary changes, including how it will be financed
  • An appreciation of the many ways they are of value to different people
  • A relentless focus on donors, audiences and customers

Efesai works creatively with its clients, bringing experience and an outside view. Re-imagining how your organisation works and then creating concrete plans.

  • Identifying the DNA of your organisation – what is essential and what can you let go?
  • Imagining new ways of delivering your mission to the world
  • Scenario exercises

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