This Autumn, efesai is hosting a series of six online seminars about what the cultural sector must do right now to flourish in a world which has been changed by COVID-19. efesai has invited unexpected speakers from the Netherlands and other countries to share their insights regarding mission and value, strategic business planning, funding, diversity and community engagement.

The seminars will take place every other week from 23 September to 2 December. Each seminar lasts 90 minutes and focuses on a different topic.

Seminar 1 Adaptation, Back to the DNA?

In the first seminar we focus on: Identifying the DNA of a cultural organisation – what is essential and what...

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Seminar 2 Let’s Get Real

In this seminar we focus on: A realistic plan to make necessary changes, including how it will be financed A...

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Seminar 3 Evolution, New Organisms

The focus of seminar 3: Business planning scenario exercises Change management – making changes that stick Panel Iris van den...

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Seminar 4 Local Government – the key link of the cultural chain

Seminar 4 is all about: Clarity of purpose – why do Gemeenten give money to culture? Culture as social, health...

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Seminar 5 Making an Impact

In seminar 5 we focus on: What is impact and why must cultural organisations think about it. In fact culture...

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Seminar 6 Engage or Die

The focus of seminar 6: Bringing culture and the people together Digital engagement Panel Atiba Edwards, Brooklyn Children’s Museum (United...

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