Closed: Beyond Survival – Let’s Get Real

In this seminar we focus on:

  • A realistic plan to make necessary changes, including how it will be financed
  • A relentless focus on audiences, donors, and customers

The organisations which will prosper after the Corona crisis will all share the same characteristics:

  • A clear vision of their new future
  • No sentimentality about the past
  • A realistic plan to make necessary changes, including how it will be financed
  • A relentless focus on audiences, donors, and customers

The second seminar of the efesai series discusses the danger of focusing on institutional survival above all else. Change is painful but there are many ways in which the mission of a cultural organisation can be delivered, and clarity of purpose is key. Kate Rolfe from London and Leah Stuhltrager from Berlin will give their answers to questions such as: How can we turn our dreams into a reality? How can we make changes in our organisations without pulling ourselves to pieces? Who really loves and needs us?

Kate Rolfe, The Revels Office (United Kingdom) –
founded The Revels Office – a commercial and audience development consultancy – to empower arts organisations to generate new revenue and reach new audiences. She works across arts and business, advising arts organisations on how to make the best return from existing and new services, whilst connecting commercial clients with world-class cultural content via place-making initiatives, and both live and digital brand campaigns. Recent clients of The Revels Office include UK Crafts Council, V&A Dundee, National Museum Wales and Battersea Arts Centre.
Leah Stuhltrager, WYE (Germany) – CEO of THE WYE – a creative production agency, Leah Stuhltrager has pioneered the intersection of ART:: TECH for over 20 years. Career highlights include immersive projects at Lincoln Center, Coachella, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Oriental Pearl Tower, Roppongi Hills, London’s Great Eastern Wall. Stuhltrager has held top positions at global creative tech events including Cyberfest, Convergence, and SOFA. She served as guest Editor-in-chief of AHEAD – a full color ART :: TECH magazine distributed with the Sunday edition of the prestigious FAZ newspaper; powered by TEDxBerlin where she served as a Board Member. She has advised countries on innovation/urban planning, and is often retained by VC firms for insight into investing in/placement of emerging creative technologies. 

David Dixon, efesai

7 October, 14:00

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David Dixon - Director efesai
Kate Rolfe - Founder The Revels Office
Leah Stuhltrager - CEO of THE WYE

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