Beyond Survival 6 – Local Government, the key link of the cultural chain

Seminar 6 is all about:

  • Clarity of purpose – why do Gemeenten give money to culture?
  • Culture as social, health and economic impact


Erica Love, West Midlands Culture Response Unit (United Kingdom) – Director of Culture Central has worked in the cultural sector for over 15 years, becoming Director of Culture Central in November 2019. Since Covid, Erica has been leading on the West Midlands Culture Response Unit. This has been a programme of work that has focussed on the Visibility, Viability and Recovery of the Culture Sector. This is a cross partnership initiative, including regional and local government, the sector, funders and other strategic partners. She is a passionate advocate for the impact of arts and culture on society and individuals quality of life and its role as an economic driver.

Rento Zoutman – director/secretaries Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur (Netherlands) Rento Zoutman is the managing director of the Rotterdam Council for Arts and Culture (RRKC) since 2015. The RRKC gives policy advice to the municipality of Rotterdam on arts and culture, the city and society. Rento has broad experience as an organisational and policy consultant and researcher, specifically for local governments and cultural organisations. Earlier in his career he worked as senior policy advisor for the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten) and as managing partner for DSP group, an independent institute for policy research, advice and management in the public sector.
Rento is specialised in advice on organisational change and collaboration in networks in the cultural sector and the social domain. He is the author of various publications, with topics ranging from art in public places, the value of the pop sector and local policy for public libraries. This year the RRKC advised the municipality of Rotterdam on the Cultuurplan 2021-2024 (a four year subsidy for cultural organisations in Rotterdam) with specific insights on 122 applications and a broader policy advice.

Araf Ahmadali – Senior Policy Advisor, Arts & Culture , City of Amsterdam (Netherlands) Araf Ahmadali is a senior policy advisor for Arts and Culture at the City of Amsterdam, with experience in making policies on international cultural affairs, funding, nightlife, sustainability, entrepreneurship and creative industries and a passion for creative (and digital) innovation and music production. In 2015, as part of a secondment, joined the Mayor of London’s Culture Team as World Cities Culture Forum Associate. Since march 2020, Araf has been involved mainly in the City of Amsterdam’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the city’s cultural sector.

David Dixon, efesai

9 December 2020

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