Beyond Survival 1 – Adaptation, Back to the DNA?

In the first seminar we focus on:

  • Identifying the DNA of a cultural organisation – what is essential and what can they let go?
  • Avoiding sentimentality and group-think to re-imagine the role of cultural organisations in a world which has changed dramatically

Speaker Leonard Bukenya (partner Aimforthemoon): “Over the past months Aimforthemoon has surveyed and interviewed 300+ CEO’s and changemakers on what they see to be the biggest challenges that they will be facing in the future. We are working with them, to use these insights to create change in specific markets. During the seminar, I will share some of the important shifts needed to tackle these challenges for the cultural sector to survive in this new future.”


Yasha Young, URBAN NATION (Germany/United States) – founder, concept creator and executive creative director (2013 – 2019) of URBAN NATION, worldwide first museum for Urban Contemporary Art. Currently she is partner and co-founder for The FOR_M the Museum for Contemporary Culture in NYC. Young works as Senior Executive and Curator with 25 years international project production experience for a diverse portfolio of projects (Humboldt Forum Berlin, MOMA Italy, UN, Sotheby’s, Saatchi, Phillips etc.) and as an Urban City Concept Developer and Creative City Planning Advisor ( Rotterdam, NYC and Berlin). She also has gained recognition as a keynote speaker at worldwide events, such as Remix Summit in London and Perth, Art Of The Streets in London, Tech Open Air Berlin; TEDx.

Leonard Bukenya, Aim for the Moon (The Netherlands) – partner Aimforthemoon, a Startup Studio that helps corporates to build a better future. Leonard has more than 15 years of experience in running his corporate ventures. He is responsible for the innovation lab of the largest media company in the Netherlands and over the past four years he has helped large corporates build new businesses at startup speed.

David Dixon, efesai

23 September 2020

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