• One of the Netherlands’ best-known charities
  • Hartstichting wanted to investigate whether fundraising from the Major Donor market would be a viable proposition for their organisation
  • We developed a Major Donor strategy, assisted in the recruitment of a new senior Relationship Manager Major Donors, supported the small team in implementing the strategy and coached the staff leading it


Hartstichting has a unique and strong position in the Netherlands and over 550.000 people give regularly to support research and treatment. Hartstichting identified the need to develop a strategy for major donors, thereby developing a further stream of income. Since 2015 we have worked with Hartstichting on developing and implementing a Major Donor strategy. Amongst many things, we’ve outlined the strategy, provided assistance and advice in the recruitment of a new Senior Major Donor Relationship Manager, mentored staff, revised the usage and interface of the database, mapped prospects and worked on donor development. Currently we are working on developing strong cases for support to discuss with existing and potential Major Donors.

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