Impact Matchmaking

In the past, philanthropy and investment could more easily be distinguished but nowadays the private sector and civil society sectors overlap to a wider extent. The boundaries are fading. 

Impact Philanthropy 

There is a clear trend for public funders, foundations, family funds and private major donors to explicitly allocate their funding to achieve measurable outcomes – ‘impacts’. 

Impact Investment

Financial investments used to be exclusively driven by financial return on investment, but this is no longer always the case. Many financial institutions, commercial partners and private investors also take into account non-financial returns on investment such as social or environmental impact – sometimes called ‘Social Return on Investment’

efesai helps its clients identify its impacts and uses this information to develop plans for attracting Impact Philanthropy and Impact Investment.

 Impact Match-Making 

efesai aspires to bring impact investors and philanthropists into partnership with our clients. We have developed networks and are researching new channels.

If you are an organisation looking for new funding routes or an investor or venture philanthropist looking for surprising and fruitful opportunities, please contact us.