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Alongside its artistic value every cultural organisation makes positive impacts on society in various ways. Being aware of these impacts makes it possible to increase and emphasize the full value of your organisation and potentially access new funding sources. 

We work with all kinds of clients on impact definition and measurement, but together with the Impact Institute we have developed a special, tailor-made service for the cultural sector – impACT, revealing the impact of Arts and Culture . This unique programme  makes impact measurement and impact investment accessible and practical for cultural organisations.  

We consider it essential to share our knowledge with the cultural sector since now, more than ever, is the time to emphasize the full value of culture and arts to our society. 

This programme is not only about sharing knowledge, but also enables your organisation to quantify and monetize its full impact and show potential donors, funders, and investors your Social Return on Investment (SROI).

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impACT, revealing the impact of Arts and Culture

Trough the impACT programme Impact Institute and efesai enable the Cultural Sector to take the next step by: 

  • impACT Knowledge Workshop
  • impACT Take Off workshop and optional workshop report
  • impACT Scan on expected or realised impact(s)
  • impACT Research, Management advice and Monetizing 
  • impACT philanthropy and investment strategy

An impact-based approach provides many benefits to cultural organisations, including

  • better insight in the impact on communities, stakeholders and on society in general. This allows organisations to optimize business development as well as increase engagement with communities and stakeholders.
  • understanding of direct and indirect impacts and how to manage these impacts. This will make it easier to meet the future conditions of funders, stakeholders and communities. 
  • an increase of your options for new collaborations, partnerships and development of your organisation for the future.

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