Begin now with Laat Cultuur Doorleven

What does your organisation need to do to share in the legacy bonanza?

The generation which is now retiring is the wealthiest ever in the history of this country and they will leave billions of Euros in their wills.

Look at your audience or visitors and you will find that they are wealthier, more financially literate and older than the average population. Most important, they love your organisation and prove it by visiting often.

Legacy donors are walking through your doors every day!

Legacy promotion is relatively cheap and the RoI is excellent

The next five years will see a boom in legacy donations

Start promotion now! Don’t delay!

Cultural organisations often have little experience in this area, may be anxious about how to promote legacy giving sensitively and don’t have the necessary technical knowledge in-house.

‘Laat Cultuur Doorleven’ takes all the work of legacy strategy, promotion and administration off your shoulders. Our aim is to raise legacy income for you as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Return in Investment (RoI) for legacy fundraising is better than for any other kind of fundraising.

If you want to start with legacy fundraising but don’t know how, get in touch. We have a complete package for you.

Join us in making the cultural sector financially sustainability for the long-term.