efesai clients are all very different from each other but they share something fundamental – they strive to make a positive impact. For them and for us, People and Planet are just as important as Profit. Purpose is key to what they do and how they work.

Achieving concrete results

efesai is proud to support our clients in optimising and sustaining their business plans, impact strategies, cases for support, fundraising and engagement strategies and specific campaigns. In particular, efesai works closely with the organisations’ management teams and boards to help them make important changes and achieve sustainable development.

Some of our clients are small and local whilst others are large and international. We can take on short-term tasks but we have worked alongside some organisations for several years. Every organisation is unique but we can apply our years of experience to benefit all.

Some of our clients:

Municipality of Groningen
Fundraising Feasibility Study for a new concert hall and music centre

Boijmans van Beuningen
Fundraising Strategy

Business planning and Strategy

Arriva Netherlands
Feasibility Study and Strategy for Sustainable Engagement Programme

Major Donor Strategy