Our Clients and some Case Studies

Some Clients are small and local whilst others are large and international. We can take on short-term tasks but we have worked alongside some of our clients for several years. Every organisation is unique but we can apply our years of experience to benefit all.

Beyond Survival 5 – Engage or Die

The focus of seminar 5: Bringing culture and the people together Digital engagement Panel Atiba Edwards, Brooklyn Children’s Museum (United...

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Beyond Survival 4 – Making an Impact

In seminar 4 we focus on: What is impact and why must cultural organisations think about it. In fact culture...

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Beyond Survival 3 – Evolution, New Organisms

A vision is no use if it cannot be translated into a practical plan, including all the business elements of...

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Beyond Survival 2 – Let’s Get Real

  In this seminar we focus on: A realistic plan to make necessary changes, including how it will be financed...

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Beyond Survival 1 – Adaptation, Back to the DNA?

In the first seminar we focus on: Identifying the DNA of a cultural organisation – what is essential and what...

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