Why efesai?

Mission-driven organisations need income… aligned with and in favour of their mission. An ethical fundraising approach maximises money at the same time as driving impact.

efesai will support you in developing a theory of change, impact strategy, ethical policy, and in realizing inclusion in communications and in daily practice. All of this as part of fundraising and business strategy, not as an afterthought.

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Fundraising & Business Development

We offer our experience, creativity and strategic thinking so you can be better at making the world better.

Our business history stretches back over many years, across many countries in all non-profit sectors and in the commercial world too.

Our team has extensive experience and we can call on a wide network of professionals covering specialist areas.



Fundraising and Investment

Financing for your plans, from impact investment to angel investors and philanthropic fundraising.
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Adapting your structure and team to deliver new plans in a new world.
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Identifying your Value

Take a look from outside-in to identify and measure your full value and use this insight to develop new partnerships.
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Imagining the New World

Focus on the real DNA of your organisation – what is essential and what can you let go?
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Laat Cultuur Doorleven

Gifts in wills are a great opportunity for cultural organizationsto fundraise.
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The Top Table

Direct support and training for board members, directors and department heads. Governance and staff structures.
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The Big Donors

Turn big gifts into a reliable, long-term source of income.
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Fundraising of all kinds

Fundraising audit and practical advice in all areas of fundraising.
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